Free shipping worldwide

CableClear provides free shipping worldwide using DHL eCommerce services. 

DHL eCommerce partners with 220 postal providers around the world, where DHL couriers the package to the closest distribution hub in the country and then injects the package into the local postal network for delivery. The local postal service in the destination country will deliver the shipment.

Delivery time frames per country are provide in during the checkout process. You can track your shipment using the DHL website by providing your tracking number with is a 10-39 digit number that uniquely identifies your shipment.

Shipments to all countries must be custom cleared. Customs clearance processing times differ from country to country and cannot be influenced by DHL.

For some countries, custom duties and taxes may be due.

Customs duties are levied on certain goods purchased abroad, although countries generally have a custom duty tax-free threshold for goods i.e. for goods less than this threshold value there is no duty payable. The custom duty threshold varies from country to country; in the USA it is approximately $800 while in the UK it is only £135.

Value Added Taxes (VAT) or General Sales Taxes (GST) are other taxes usually levied in the country where the purchased goods are consumed. The VAT/GST rates vary per country and similarly countries have VAT/GST tax free thresholds. In the UK the VAT rate is 20% and the threshold is just £15. In the USA there is no sales tax for international online sales.

Depending on country, duties and taxes are settled with the post office or the customs office. You can find more information about customs on the website of your local customs authority.

Expedited shipping

For expedited shipping, CableClear use the Fedex FedEx International Economy service which is a day-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door economy service for shipments up to 68kg per package. Transit time is typically 5 working days, backed up by the FedEx money-back guarantee.

Applicable custom duties and taxes payable will be the same as for DHL eCommerce services.