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CableClear enables you to quickly and easily hide unsightly TV cables inside the stud wall without any special DIY skills.

CableClear creates a 50 mm (2") conduit inside the wall cavity so that you can gravity feed the cables through and hide them completely. There is no damage to the wall during cable installation so there's no repairing or re-painting afterwards.

 "Installation went as smooth as silk!"  Mike W, Wide Bend, WA 

 "Great Product! Super easy to install even for a 68 year old grandma"  Jaqueline P, Petaluma CA 

 "Amazing!! It comes with everything you need. Top notch product"  Anthony R, Landisville, PA



  • Hide TV Cables and Wires
  • Kit to Hide Tv Cables
  • wall mounting tv and hiding cables

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$49.85 USD

For Australian customers, please note that CableClear is sold exclusively through our retail partners and is not available for online purchase.


  • easy installation

    CableClear is quick and easy to install in a new or existing wall. It only takes a few minutes and you don't need any special DIY skills or extra tools; a hole saw, plumb bob and nose cone are all included. There's no removing plasterboard and you won't need to repair or re-paint any walls.

  • adjustable height

    CableClear is suitable for almost all TV heights as the flexible hose length is fully adjustable. Whatever the height, CableClear has a super thin profile so you can mount your TV as flat as possible against the wall for that great look.

  • for all stud walls

    CableClear is designed for inside all stud walls 70mm (2 ¾“), 90mm (3 ½“) and thicker. The elbow and spring mechanism is designed for all plasterboard / drywall sheeting from 9mm (⅜") up to 13mm (½”) thick.

  • no insects & dust

    CableClear creates a continuous sealed duct inside the wall so no insects or geckos can set up house in your walls and breed. Also there is no dust ingress into the wall to aggravate sinus sufferers.

  • no wire-pulling rods

    The 50mm (2") diameter hose allows most cables to be gravity fed through without needing any wire pulling rods. USA, Australian and Euro wall plugs generally fit right through so there is no cutting cables and voiding your TV warranty.

    Additional cables can be added anytime with no hassle. There's no need for a costly call back to add that one extra cable.

  • meets fire safety standards

    To comply with building safety codes, all CableClear components are manufactured to the UL94 V0 standard which is the highest flammability rating for electrical conduits inside walls.


Does CableClear come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely. CableClear is a quality manufactured product and if you are not completely satisfied with your CableClear purchase, please return it to us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Do I need my own drill to install?

Yes. We have included everything else that you will need for easy installation but you will need your own electric or hand drill.

Can I install CableClear in our office boardroom?

Yes you can. A professional looking boardroom makes a big statement to your Clients.

What is the maximum length of the CableClear hose?

The standard hose length provided allows CableClear to be installed where the top and bottom holes are 1100 mm (44") apart.

Generally the installed hose length is only 700 mm (28") for TVs mounted at the recommended seated eye so there is plenty of hose provided even for TVs mounted slightly higher.

CableClear can provide custom hose lengths for TVs mounted higher up such as in hotel rooms.