Blocking/Noggins are no problem

Blocking or noggins inside the walls are really not a problem when installing CableClear

blocking or noogins easily overcome when installing CableClear

The general recommendation is that the middle of the TV screen should be at average seated eye height. As shown in the following infographic for an 1.78m (5'10") person in a 2.4m (8') high room, the bigger the TV the more unlikely to encounter the blocking at 1.2m (41").

In a 2.7m (9') high room, the potential issue becomes even more unlikely with the blocking or noggins at 1.33m (53").

If somehow you do encounter blocking or noggins during cable installation and wish to remove it to install your CableClear, please consult with your local builder or safety inspector. While blocking/noggins generally provides no structural stability, it is best to first check local building standards.

Infographic showing blocking or noggins is no problem when installing CableClear to hide TV cables