Insulation is no issue

If you encounter insulation in the walls during installation, the specially designed CableClear nose cone and plumbob are designed to make it easy for you to get the hose through. The nose cone and plumbob are both included in the CableClear DIY kit.


The following infographic shows just how easy it is!

Infographic showing insulation is no problem when installing CableClear to hide TV cables

  1. Screw the CableClear insulation cone onto the trimmed hose, and tie the plumb bob string onto the insulation cone.
  2. Feed the plum bob through the top hole down inside the wall cavity between the insulation and the plasterboard/drywall sheeting and pull the plum bob out through the bottom hole.
  3. Feed the cone into the top hole and pull the string down firmly to pull the hose through the insulation until the elbow reaches the top hole.
  4. Depress the elbow springs, rotate the elbow into the hole, guide and release the springs into the hole and then gently push the elbow into position.
  5. Pull the hose out through the bottom hole, unscrew the insulation cone and screw on the hose connector.

Once the hose is through you can clip on the second elbow and complete your installation.