the solution

Wall mounted TVs can look sensational and improve child safety but the problem is how to hide those hazardous, ugly hanging cables? How do you get that clean, professionally-installed look that adds value to your home without special DIY skills?

With CableClear® it's easy, affordable and safe.

CableClear enables you to quickly and easily create a 50mm (2") cable duct inside the cavity of new or existing stud walls, and then gravity feed the TV cables through to hide them completely.

You don't need any extra tools other than a drill, and there is no repairing or re-painting walls afterwards. It's safe because all the components are manufactured to international fire safety standards for electrical conduits and there's no poking around inside walls with wire pulling rods.

CableClear is a patented innovation and has been successfully installed in homes and boardrooms in Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.